Gender Diversity in Marketing: Analyzing the Labor Market Situation

Marketing is an industry that has seen a steady increase in female representation over the years. According to the ANA Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing Alliance report, 47% of top marketing positions are now held by women, up from 45% last year. Real estate and wellness & fitness have the highest female representation in marketing, with 71% and 70% of the respective marketing positions held by women. Data from the Gender in Marketing study shows that 62% of companies with a single marketing manager have the role occupied by a man.

Women are 18% less likely than men to apply for a marketing job after viewing it, and when they do, they are 8% less likely to apply for longer-term jobs. The most common degree for marketing managers is the bachelor's degree, with 75% of them earning that degree. To celebrate Women's Day, let's analyze the labor market situation, the number of women's quotas and the most recurrent professions in Digital Marketing. The percentage of women graduates in media disciplines has grown steadily over the years, exceeding 44%.

While 52% of marketing managers are women, only 13% of all marketing managers have diverse racial backgrounds, a field that includes Asian, Latina, and black women. Vendors and trade groups are introducing more concrete initiatives to try to combat the lack of diversity. Using a database of 30 million profiles, Zippia estimates the demographics and statistics of marketing managers in the United States. ANA's analysis highlights that while the marketing workforce is overwhelmingly made up of women, according to a statement by group president Christine Manna, that breakdown is not necessarily reflected in top leadership positions. The following infographic delves a little deeper into the state of racial and gender diversity in current marketing, with the goal of identifying key opportunities.

Women overwhelmingly make up the bulk of the marketing industry's workforce, and at the senior leadership level, female representation is now likely to be at an all-time high. In fact, the number of women who graduated in the fields of advertising, media and marketing and communications and who obtain employment as a result is comparable to that of men. To explore gender diversity in marketing further, download the full infographic and subscribe to the LinkedIn marketing blog to keep abreast of trends and the status of the profession.

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