Female-Owned Digital Marketing Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for a female-owned digital marketing agency to help your business reach its goals? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. The digital marketing industry is increasingly interested in women leaders who are knowledgeable about technology and can influence strategy and trends in the niche itself. This is why it's important to consider female-owned digital marketing companies when looking for a partner to help your business succeed. From full-service agencies to boutique firms, this guide will provide you with an overview of some of the top women-owned digital marketing companies.

SeedX Inc.

SeedX Inc. is a full-service agency that has been created specifically to help clients thrive in today's increasingly complex marketing landscape. With offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver, SeedX Inc. has a team of more than 85 specialists covering the entire spectrum of strategy, marketing, development and creativity.

Orange Label

Orange Label is the leading responsive marketing agency for established brands that are driven by a fearless entrepreneurial mindset.

Located in Orange County, they help customers in the retail and healthcare industries generate engagement with the right target audience, driving action and building a loyal following.


PB& is a creative-driven S, W, A, T team that uses creativity to solve problems and unlock business potential. Their goal is to tackle the brand's toughest challenges. Regardless of the challenge, PB& aims to be the team members can call when they have their backs against the wall.

Response Marketing

Response Marketing is a small and powerful hybrid marketing agency focused on providing creative solutions to marketing challenges. The company works with ambitious brands that share the agency's belief that marketing is not the savior but the amplifier.

The magic happens when your innovative marketing overlaps a great product and large operations.


Sköna is a B2B creative agency specializing in marketing, branding and design for innovative technology companies. Founded 15 years ago in Silicon Valley and with an office in Stockholm, they offer the perfect combination of Silicon Valley high-tech expertise and Scandinavian sensibility.

Social Robin

This Texas-based marketing business uses digital, traditional and innovative marketing strategies to help customers achieve the success they want without breaking the bank. Syndi Braun, CEO of Social Robin, does her best and does everything she can to help her clients achieve their business goals. In a world of upselling and cringe-marketing, he strives to consult with customers and “prescribe what they need based on their goals so that they have every opportunity to do exactly what they set out to do without spending a dime on something that is not aligned with their goals.

Ballistic Media Group

Ballistic Media Group's Co-Founder Michelle Harris APR has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, public relations, crisis communications and corporate consulting, creating and implementing award-winning programs that have consistently met and exceeded client goals.

It is recognized nationally for creating innovative and strategic campaigns, while collaborating with customers to define requirements and allocate resources that create branded solutions for maximum impact.

Ladybugz Interactive Agency

Ladybugz Interactive Agency founder Lysa Miller loves people and loves helping people. So when you put all that into your own agency, it's pretty incredible. The agency's reputation speaks for itself. The company has been included in the list of the “Ten Best Web Design Companies in Boston in the Manifesto and Seolium”.

In addition, it became a top SEO company in Boston in SEO, blogging, and visual objects. Ladybugz helps businesses increase sales and revenue and provides web design, online marketing, SEO, online PR and other creative consulting services.

Our Own Brand

With a passion for both strategy and design, Our Own Brand has provided brand work for clients like They Made This. Based in the UK, Our Own Brand brings a long history of success to every project they complete. Its clients include large business clients like Facebook.

Elevate My Brand

Elevate My Brand is a 26% event marketing planning agency that hasn't lost its focus on innovation or creativity.

North Hollywood-based firm helps organizations around the world focus their strategy for greater success. If you want to see how Elevate My Brand helps brands communicate with their audiences in a single, crowded space, look no further than her work for Paw Patrol. Elevate My Brand helped them define a strategy for their audience to improve their reach.

Change Agency Marketing

Maria at Change Agency Marketing prepares small businesses for success with beautiful websites that turn viewers into customers and social media marketing that authentically and creatively represents their clients' brand.

Simple Machines Marketing

Simple Machines Marketing is delivered with a highly modern and eye-catching approach focused on making an impact. The team includes former in-house marketing specialists specializing in search management, search engine optimization (SEO), paid social management and digital strategy and transformation work.

Windmill Strategy

Windmill Strategy is a B2B industrial web design company and digital marketing company that helps companies achieve greater visibility and engagement, stronger brand, higher quality leads and higher marketing ROI to accelerate growth.

Evergreen Design Studio

When your client was just a new brand looking to make an impact, Evergreen Design Studio created the core elements of its user engagement strategy in an emerging market.

The company specializes in creating holistic marketing strategies that include branding, website development and maintenance, sales materials, email marketing, marketing automation, and more work collaboratively with the customer's team and empowers them along the way.

Social Karma

Working with local Venice Breeze Suites hotel, Social Karma used its social media expertise to design a Facebook marketing strategy.

WiT Group

WiT Group is a results-oriented marketing agency that offers clients creative advertising and business consulting services.

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