10 Influential Women in Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Kathy's book has 90% 5-star ratings and 10% ratings. Here's a review from a happy reader. Our list of 10 influential women in marketing showcases the creativity of female leaders at companies like Facebook, SEMrush and Siegel+Gale. After moving from being a custom media solutions strategist at Google to becoming the founder of Spectacle Marketer, and now a global leader of LinkedIn's B2B Institute, Tyrona is constantly promoting excellence in digital marketing.

She was also Marketing Director at Sanrio Global Limited and Global Marketing Director for Hello Kitty, responsible for influencer outreach and events, digital marketing and social media, 18-30 market campaigns and more. She is also a co-host of The Sustainability Influenced podcast. Melanie Deziel is keynote speaker at Brand Storytelling and founder of StoryFuel, which helps companies define and implement their brand storytelling strategy. Melanie has appeared in more than 30 podcasts and travels the world giving lectures and facilitating workshops. One of Pamela's claims to fame is her historical optimization concept, which increased organic leads and search traffic for the HubSpot blog by more than 200%.

As CEO of Outspoken Media, Rhea Drysdale is an SEO guru and the driving force behind Outspoken's streamlined marketing tactics. Handley has more than 16 years of experience in digital marketing and loves writing about innovative strategies to market businesses. She is the author of Facebook Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Businesses and Professionals (now in its fifth edition) and the Facebook Marketing Plan, which proves to be a bestseller on Amazon. Jess Zafarris is the Director of Audience Engagement at Adweek.

Top 5 Challenges Facing Women in Marketing

  • Organize and Leverage Your Measurement Toolbox
  • Customer Experience Transformation for Senior Management
  • Mastering the Art and Science of Subscriber Service
  • Maximizing the Value of First-Hand Data for Today and Tomorrow
  • Are you advertising with integrity? Do you want to reach Generation Z? Make sure your ads are legitimate
By Steve Ellis, Executive Vice President of Ad Sales Strategy & Business Development, Paramount Adweek is the leading source of news and knowledge serving the brand marketing ecosystem. It has launched the SEMrush brand in more than 50 markets with 90% year-on-year growth and won 9 awards for the company as the best search software in the U.

S. USA, UK, Europe and MENA. Michelle Robbins, former senior vice president of Content & Marketing Technology, oversaw editorial management as editor-in-chief of the digital publications of Third Door Media, Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and MarTech Today, leading a full-time team of reporters and editors who managed the content provided. StoryFuel's mission is to empower brands to tell better stories and teach marketers to think like journalists. Being a full marketer before making the decision to focus on a marketing niche subset will allow for greater career momentum in the future.

Last but not least, Kay is an award-winning strategic marketer with expertise in product development, creativity, branding, communications and digital planning. If you're a digital marketer, you may have recognized the name from your public speech at notable conferences, such as Search Marketing Expo, Social Media Breakfast, PubCon, etc. Marketers often believe that the more noise you create, the greater the potential you have around your consumer, but fewer efforts, smarter and more impactful will always look more meaningful. And with this huge list of the best women in marketing, you've no doubt found a ton of inspiring mentors, coaches and leaders to start your own marketing journey.

Known as the former marketing director of Hyatt Hotels, Maryam Banikarim recently joined the social media service Nextdoor to lead its marketing and communications and policy management teams. She has been a repeat presenter at some of the major marketing events, including Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing World and Content Marketing World. According to the Sponsorship Space request, here are some random ideas for those women marketers just starting their careers. Recently, Avish was named one of Marketing magazine's 30 Under 30, Sports Launch Magazine 30 Under 30, and has been named Young Winner of the Year by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Find out what small businesses need to do to survive an economic crisis, tips from successful women in marketing and yes, social media lessons from Mom. In addition, she regularly contributes to major digital marketing blogs and speaks at events that you've all heard of. .

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