The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Advertising Agency

Creativity is at the top of any discussion of the pros and cons of hiring a marketing agency. The obvious disadvantage is that it costs your company more money to hire a marketing agency than if you did things on your own. In addition to paying them for their services, you still have to pay for things like PPC ads and any other strategy they suggest. People often think that advertising agencies manage large and expensive advertising campaigns for big brands.

But most advertising agencies make money from small advertising campaigns and placing advertising in local media. Advertising agencies can benefit companies of any size, as long as you consider how best to use the agency and how to use advertising for your particular business. Not surprisingly, the biggest disadvantage of hiring an advertising agency is cost. There is a wide range of talent and quality among advertising and cost agencies.

Your safest bet for hiring an agency that is affordable and of good quality is to make a request for proposal. The advantages of advertising agencies can help boost or revitalize your business. By partnering with a credible marketing company, you'll not only maximize your company's exposure, but you'll also improve your organization's overall productivity and growth. It may be something of a generalization, but there is a tendency for more experienced workers to move from agency to internal positions.

Learning the tricks of selling ideas, managing clients and developing solid concepts from creatives from established agencies can help take your work to the next level. The promotional campaigns and creative ideas suggested by the advertising agency may not reflect the company's vision and values. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with asking an external advertising agency to write a promotional campaign. Another potential negative point is that you and the marketing agency may have different ideas for the vision of your strategy.

That said, it can be more difficult to manage inflated costs when you lead your own internal team; sometimes it's easier to agree on a fixed rate with an agency that's easier to forecast over time. It can be difficult to know how much of your marketing and advertising should be done in-house and how much you should outsource to an agency. This could save you a lot, potentially even more than you plan to spend on agency labor and production. Creative agencies have earned their reputation through great ideas, consistency, and high ROI for their clients. There are a ton of great tools for marketing agencies that help you manage multiple creative projects simultaneously.

Examples of larger companies that have decided to bring everything inside their facilities and establish their own in-house agency include Coca Cola, Lego, Netflix and Amazon. However, in some cases, an advertising agency can complete the job much faster than your company would internally, since most companies don't devote many, if any, staff members to the marketing task. Most agencies receive discounts from publishers and radio and television stations, so they can get cheaper rates than someone who deals directly. But if you're eager enough to handle all the downsides of being creative in an advertising agency, it could be the perfect place for you. Agencies can also easily redesign ads to make them more effective while taking up less space, which will save your company more money.

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